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The Baptists and Sunday school/Bible study groups

Although the Modern Baptist family in general accept all sorts of organizations as helps in teaching/ preaching the gospel, the Baptist prior to the late 1700's never did have such a practice as dividing into groups and a  lay person teach the bible to them. The common practice of the Baptist was gospel preaching by an ordained minister in a gathering of the church, usually in a public meeting house or in the home of one of the members. The Baptist also supported and encouraged family worship at home conducted by the husband. I'm sure this will be a startling statement to many who have only been taught by the modern Baptist but never exposed to the practices of Baptist down through the ages. The sincere enquirer of Baptist tradition and practices will discover that the practices of Bible study/Sunday school, youth camps and all the other organizations now in use among the Baptist family were not to be found among the Baptist, from John the Baptist until the late 1700's.

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