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Pasturing  a Church
Peace in the Household of Faith And a man's foes shall be they of his own Elder Marty Hoogasian
Peace with God from the bits and pieces series #536 by Elder Ralph Harris
Peach Tree Tea by Elder Robert Harlan
Peculiar Treasure of GodThough many are blessed with such a great deliverance those who are Godís peculiar treasure and a holy nation are but a Little Flock  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
Perfection or Imperfection by Elder Adrian Webb
Petitioning the Government by Elder Claude McKee
A plague among us A article by Elder Ralph Harris concerning the condition of many primitive Baptist churches at the present time.
Politics and the Church By Elder Claude McKee
Practices Ministerial Training by Elder Claude McKee
Practices Salaried Ministry by Elder Claude McKee
Practices Secret Societies by Elder Claude McKee
Practices Sermon outlines by Elder Claude McKee
Practices tithing by Elder Claude McKee
Practices Youth Camps by Elder Claude McKee
Prayers, of Jesus by Elder E. B. Watts
Prayest, when thou by Elder E. B. Watts
Praying Submissively by Elder Ralph Harris
Pray for God's servantsThe minister cannot preach acceptably, nor can the people hear aright without divine help. by Elder Ralph Harris
Preach the Word by Elder Marty Hoogasian
Preacher Pastor - Duties and obligations of By Elder C. M. Mills (deceased)
Preaching - The Glorious purpose There is a glorious purpose in preaching, but that purpose is not the eternal salvation of souls. R. H. Pittman bit and pieces #463 by Elder Ralph Harris
Preachers' Meeting in Cincinnati Article by Elder Lasserre. Bradley Jr. in which an attempt is made to justify the start of a baby theological school via  preachers' meetings.  Also view this article on The Primitive Baptist Library site which includes rebuttals by present day Elders
Preachers, Disorderly. by Elder G. W. Stewart
Precious Stones The elect are cemented as lively stones onto that foundation [Jesus Christ] with the most precious mortar. That bond is made perfect by the blood of the Lamb. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
Principles, American founding by Elder Claude McKee
Progressivism warning by Elder A. B. Hall

Predestination Preservation of the Saints from the bits and pieces series #491 by Elder Ralph Harris
Primitive Baptist history (Usually misrepresented by religious writers and Baptist historians
Primitive Preacher by G. M. Thompson
Profitable by Elder Marty Hoogasian
Progressive Movement among the Primitive Baptist Around 1900 another group of builders began to agitate the Primitive Baptist by introducing false practices and doctrines. This article by Elder Walter Cash gives a history of the early progressive movement and  the problems he and others faced then. Today's movement is essentially the same thing all over again, only the characters  are different.
Progressive/liberal movements - A Historic view Using the 1937 Nashville Peace meeting recommendations as a historical standard, a glimpse of present and past progressive movements is exposed.  By Elder Claude McKee
Proof of discipleship by Elder Ralph Harris
Promises - God's are sure by Elder Robert Harlan
Proselytes By Elder E. B. Watts
Proud Boasting  vain/proud attitude toward ones own appearance, or achievements, is a stench in the nostrils of God  By Elder Ralph Harris
Pure Religion by Elder Marty Hoogasian
Purpose of Gospel Elder C. M. Mills
Purpose of Gospel Elder Ralph Harris