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Salaried Ministry By Elder Claude Mckee.
Salaried Ministers - Did Bible preachers work by Elder Robert Harlan
Salvation Lollipop Salvation By Elder Brian Moore
Salvation, Eternal By Elder Z. Stallings
Salvation -  become a Child of God? by Elder Claude McKee
Secret societies   Stands taken by Primitive Baptists, opposing members holding membership in secret societies. By Elder Claude Mckee
Secret of pasturing by Elder J. H. Oliphant
Seeking Great things from the bits and pieces series #272 by Elder Ralph Harris
Self Denial by Elder W. M. Mitchell
Seminaries - Salaries by Elder Wiley Sammons
Sent forth by the Holy Ghost by Elder Marty Hoogasian
Separate thyself     Elder Marty Hoogasian
Sermon Outlines  (Akin to Expository sermons)  Should a Baptist minister use sermon outlines in his preaching By Elder Claude Mckee
Sermon in one line by Elder Robert Webb
Sexual Relationships by Elder Claude Mckee
Should be marked by Elder C. H. Cayce
Sin - Cannot     by W. M. Mitchell 
Singing - Congregational  The slow movement away from congregational singing without the aid of musical instruments by the majority of Baptists has grown to the point that most Baptist Churches basically have entertainment shows with not only an organ but in many cases a small orchestra
Sitting Clothed by Elder Marty Hoogasian
Smooth Things Do we seek to please men? If we yet please men, then we are not the servants of Christ By Elder Marty Hoogasian
Socialism and Communism by Elder Claude McKee and an article by Elder C. H. Cayce about government encroachment into land rights
Sovereignty, Church by Elder C. H. Cayce
Sovereignty, Church by Elder J. S. Newman
Stranger, here below by Elder Ralph Harris
Sound advice for all, especially the novice From the Little Thoughts series by Elder Adrian Webb
Special People? From the bits and pieces series #467 by Elder Ralph Harris
Spirit quickeneth from the bits and pieces series #411 by Elder Ralph Harris
Spread of Gospel by Elder Claude Mckee with excerpt from the Potter Throgmorton debate
State Constitutions
Stipp John - an experience bit542 by Elder Ralph Harris
Straying ones corrected by Elder Ralph Harris
Studying and teaching by Elder Claude McKee
System of bondage by Elder Ralph Harris