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Early Confessions of faith

Many Baptists agree that the Waldenses were Baptist in belief and are normally listed as being in the lineage of the present day Primitive  Baptists. There are three confessions of faith by the Waldenses which  have been preserved in Jones History of the Christian Church. The second  Confession found in Jones history is an epitome of the confession not the confession itself.

Waldenses confession of faith in the year  1120 

Epitome of the twelfth Century Beliefs of the Waldenses

Waldenses confession of faith in the year  1544

English Baptist confessions of faith and their American counterparts.

London Confession of Faith 1644  This being the first notable English Baptist Confession. It was written in 1643/44. A copy of this confession can be found in Lumpkin's book on Baptist Confessions of Faith as well as on several internet web sites.

London Confession of Faith 1646 
  This being the 1644 confession with some modifications.

Midland Confession of faith (1655) This English Baptist Confession of Faith is sometimes referred to as the Welsh Confession of Faith.

London Confession of Faith 1689
  This Confession of Faith is referred to most often by Baptists and  is  used as a basis for others, such as the Philadelphia and Fulton confessions. 

Philadelphia confession of faith (1742)
This confession of Faith was adopted by the Philadelphia Association in America. It is essentially the London Confession of faith with a few modifications.

Fulton Convention of Primitive Baptists (1900)   This confession of faith is the 1689 London Confession of faith with explanatory notes added by the Baptist Ministers present at the Fulton Convention of Primitive Baptists in the year 1900.

Articles of faith (Early American Baptist churches and associations)

Kehukee Association Abstract of Principles(1777). The Kehukee association was constituted in 1765 being the fourth Baptist Association in America. Some of the  first churches of the Kehukee were influenced by  the English General Baptists who had accepted the doctrines of Grace and they adopted  the 1689 London Confession of faith as their articles of faith. In 1777 the Regular and Separate Baptists came together in the Kehukee Association and adopted these abstract of principles.

Sandy Creek Association Principles of Faith (1816). The Sandy Creek Association was constituted in 1758 being the third Baptist Association in America. Their first articles of faith was put forth in 1816. It is notable that in 1816 at the association Luther Rice was invited to a seat in the association as a representative of the 'Board of Foreign Missions'. He and six others were appointed to prepare Articles of faith, constitution and rules of decorum for the association.  Luther Rice was very active in the new Modern Missionary movement among the Baptists and the Sandy creek association became diluted with this new movement . By reading ' The History of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association by George Purefoy', you can observe with clarity, their incremental departures from Baptist principles. In 1845 they adopted another set of articles of faith which clearly demonstrates their turn to Armenian doctrines. Click to see an illustration of their departures. The significance being that anytime a departure in Baptist Principles is accomplished it starts out wrapped in acceptable clothing but slowly sheds the truth and emerges as a wolf  in sheep's clothing, with many of God's sheep as it's prey. 

Other Baptist confessions with historical significance>

Southern Baptist confession of faith (1858) This confession of faith is posted to illustrate the distance the Southern Baptists  have moved from their original confession of faith. Those that became known as the  southern Baptists were part of the group of Baptists that sided with the introduction of the Modern Missionary societies and the schemes associated with
its introduction among the Baptist Family. In reading this 1858 confession of faith; it can readily be seen that the beliefs of those that adopted it were  still flavored with the beliefs of the Baptists prior to the split in 1832.