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4/26/2017 4:10:50 EST

Louis Enrico Sessarego from La Crescenta, California, United States, Email = louissessarego1560@gmail.com, Wrote:

Appreciate this site and the links... thank you. Any old-line Primitive Baptists in Southern California?

11/22/2016 21:22:49 EST

Claude Mckee from Jacksonville, Alabama, USA, Email = ctmckee@bellsouth.net, Wrote:

Monthly test again

2/13/2015 20:34:30 EST

Claude McKee from Jacksonville, Al, USA, Email = ctmckee@bellsouth.net, Wrote:

Monthly Test

3/6/2012 6:15:27 EST

Paul Jacobs from Pikeville, Ky, USA, Email = jac1const@gmail.com, Wrote:

it is good to find someone else who reconizes that the Primitive Baptist have being arround long befor John Calven was borned.


2/10/2012 10:45:47 EST

Brett Mckee from Raleigh, NC, USA, Email = Brett.Mckee@zoho.com, Wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed your comments on Heb. 11 today. Especially the thought about Abel and where he received his Faith when there were no Gospel Preacher, or other to give it to him! Such a simple, yet powerful point that our Faith can only come from God.

10/17/2010 7:4:51 EST

Elder Michael Slone from Liberty, Kentucky, U.S.A, Email = hardshell@windstream.net, Wrote:

I have enjoyed viewing your site, the writtings,etc....Hope to view more.Take care and God Bless.Eld.Slone Bless


12/26/2007 11:36:29 EST

Elder Richard Kirby from Asheboro, NC, USA, Email = richardashb@aol.com Wrote:

Greeting dear Bro.Mckee, I have enjoyed your site for several years now and have used many of the quote of the Elders you use here to others who seem to be saying that they love the old paths but will fellowship them that teach and practice the new path..As you may have heard I was forced out of Pleasant Hill church by the deacons there who think I was too hard on the brethren about the progressive brthren who want to change the church..We moved our letter out of the Bear Creek to Julian Hill church..We stand where our forefathers have stood against those who desire change in our practice and doctrine..Come to see us when you have a mind to come this way.. In Gospel Bonds, Elder Kirby

12/10/2007 12:21:34 EST

Kenneth Clevenger from Macon, Missouri, 63552, United States, Email = opcontdr@cvalley.net Wrote:

It's a wintry here in Macon, Missouri, this morning, but felt warmed and cheered when I visited your good website. I continue to visit Essential Baptist Principal's often and continue to reap from it frquently. Thank you, very much Elder McKee for the time and labor necessary to maintain such a God honoring site. May God continue to bless you in your dedication and labors in maintaing the EBP website. In Old Baptist Bonds, Kenneth Clevenger

11/28/2007 12:51:21 EST

thadeus numbi from dar es salaam, dar es salaam, tanzania, Email = ibinzamata@yahoo.com Wrote:

God bless you brother, pray for us africans .pray olso for our pastor Obey ndalima

8/30/2007 17:11:26 EST

Elder Albert Wilson from Valley, Al, USA, Email = wil1230@charter.net Wrote:

Brother Claude, May the God of all grace continue His rich blessings on you, and just to let you know, I read and passed on to some dear ones in Tn the article you posted that was written many years ago by Eld C H Cayce.. In the closing verses of Matt Jesus came to the eleven sidciples and gave them some commandments, and the last one was "Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you...etc" Now its plain to me that they were teaching all nations to observe all things Jesus had commanded, it would necessarily follow, not to do things not commanded them by the eleven and on down through the ages to the present.

8/7/2007 22:43:24 EST

Tim Deas from Valley, Al., U.S.A., Email = tdeas76@hotmail.com Wrote:

Bro. Mckee I found your website address in Bro. Clevengers paper,and I have enjoyed it. May God Bless you in your efforts to defend His Church. Tim Deas

2/1/2007 14:47:37 EST

Lyman Little from Howardwick, TX, USA, Email = lymanlittle@centramedia.net Wrote:

Dear Brother McKee, I just found this website and I plan to read some of the articles here. I was doing some research about the origin of the "First Primitive Baptist Church of Tanzania" and I found that some of the ministers involved in the Ordination of Obey Ndalima and the constitution of the 'church' were mentioned in your article about the "Changes in the Churches of Alabama." I am the pastor of the Old Paths PBC (now meeting at Clarendon, TX) which was constituted December 10, 2005 out of the Amarillo,TX PBC.

1/8/2007 21:7:18 EST

Jenny Kender from PHELPS, Kentucky, United States, Email = rjjkender@setel.com Wrote:

I am looking for any of the Mates Creek Primitive Baptist Church Minutes. I am collecting these for my 8 yr. old who has joined the church. If anyone has any at all please, please let me know. I will gladly copy or pay for the copy. Thank you and God Bless.

11/28/2006 10:45:17 EST

ELDER JOHN JOHNSON from AUBURNDALE, Florida, USA, Email = John4commission@verizon.net Wrote:

Dear Brother In Christ; I have read some comments on your site and can agreed with the contents.I am a member of an old line primitive Baptist Church in the Mt.Enon Association,located in central Florida.Recently,we had to withdraw from 3 churches that were involved in the liberal movement.We have had men that have crept into some churches and not taking heed to the teachings of Gods holy word.In 1Peter,chapter 5-2,it states that we are to feed the flock that is among us and not by constraint,but willingly;not for filthy lucre(MONEY),but of a ready mind.The liberal movement that has crept into some primitive baptist churches stand for salaried minister,preaching to other orders,not of the same faith and order and trying to be lords over Gods heritage(THE CHURCH)IT's sad to see how some of God's people are being deceived by some that claim they are standing for the truth.Let us continue to warn the flock of these men and to mark them as the word tell's us to do. May the Grace of God bless your work Elder John Johnson Wayfare Primitive Baptist Church

11/5/2006 16:31:48 EST

Norma Cooper from Chandler, Ok, USA, Email = Tomlin_fox@netscape.com Wrote:

I just found your web sit site. want to send you one of my poems.How do I send it?

6/13/2006 16:44:22 EST

Elder W.L. Everett from Rocky Mount, NC, USA, Email = lenbill@earthlink.net Wrote:

I see no scriptural approval of website condemnation. But I see a roadmap which is not followed. Matt. 18.

6/8/2006 16:30:29 EST

Elde: Bill Chester from Shelbyville, TN, U>S>A>, Email = billchester@bellsouth.net Wrote:

Brother Claude; great webb site keep it up. We sure did enjoy your visit last fifth Sunday at Eagleville Church God Bless

1/2/2006 8:37:22 EST

elder Charles Westbrook from woodstock, GA., USA, Email = ccw_01@bellsouth.net Wrote:

Good day dear bro. Claude and sister Barbra I wish you and yours very happy and prosperous new year in the Lord.I injoyed reading the position that the church at Mt. Moriah has taken and the desire to walk in the truth,may God bless you all. elder Charles Westbrook

12/26/2005 19:48:19 EST

Sister Martha Curry from Lobelville, Tn, USA, Email = mbcurry1@tds.net Wrote:

Thank you Bro.Webb for all that you are doing for the Primitive Baptist Church,now and the future generations. I really enjoy the sermons of our forefathers. May our Heavenly Father continue to Bless you and yours. Sis.Curry

12/14/2005 20:6:47 EST

Elder Kenneth W. Clevenger from Carl Junction, MO, Email = opcontdr@4state.com Wrote:

I always enjoy visiting and harvesting from the bounty found on your website. I especially appreciate the timely article "Apostacy among Primitive Baptists...." THANK YOU!

10/x/2005 21:51:25 EST

Burney Fordham from , Email = burneyf@bulloch.net Wrote:

Bro Claude, I was browsing your website tonite and really like the way you have redid it. May God continue to bless you and I hope to see you soon.

8/31/2005 8:47:38 EST

elder Charles Westbrook from Woodstock, GA., USA, Email = ccw_01@bellsouth.net Wrote:

good day to you elder McKee i hope all you are well i injoy to reading the writings you have posted to you sight and the poem by sister Barbra we have been missing you at Powder Springs come when you can.bro. Charles

7/30/2005 18:34:45 EST

John Formsma from Blue Mountain, MS, USA, Email = johnformsma@yahoo.com Wrote:

Found your site by a Google search, and felt sorry for you that only one person has signed the guestbook in 2005.

4/10/2005 18:31:6:EST

steve greene from m'boro., ky., usa, Email = sgreene@setel.com Wrote:

Bro. Claude I greatly appreciate your devotion to the truth and enjoy the ability you give for us to get news, read good sound articles and find comfort in knowing there are still many who wish to keep the church as it always has been

12/2/2004 22:39:30 EST

Brett Mckee from Raleigh, NC, USA, Email = Brett.Mckee@gmail.com Wrote:

Elder Mckee(Dad), I just read your article entitled "How does a person become a Child of God?" and it really blessed my heart. I feel that the Lord blessed you to write that article, and express the glorious Gospel as is laid down in the Holy Scriptures. Although I have been taught these truths, both by man and God most all my life, I never tire of hearing them again. Your's in hope! Your son(and I hope, brother in Christ) Brett

10/29/2004 11:37:42 EST

George Sheeron from NY, , Email = georgesheeron@gmail.com Wrote:

God bless you and your projects. I am looking for church information online to write about on my diary at http://www.steelbuildingsdiary.info and found your site. Thank you for your helpful website.

10/26/2004 13:8:11 EST

Nena Burgess from Weaver, Alabama, U.S., Email = burgessnena@hotmail.com Wrote:

Thank you for being such an influential member of our family. You and Nana are always there for us! It is great that you not only reach those close to you but so many so far away. Lots of Love! Nena

9/1/2004 7:32:21 EST

Elder Ronaldo L. lopez from Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Email = elder_lopez3000@yahoo.com Wrote:

We need you Prayers! Primitive Baptist Church in MUNTINLUPA, 181 SAN GUILLERMO ST. PUTATAN, MUNTINLUPA CITY, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES 1772 CONTACT NO. 011 63 927 466 02 57

8/15/2004 20:50:48 EST

Elder Robert Webb from Carthage, IL, USA, Email = bwebb9@juno.com Wrote:

Dear Elder McKee, I enjoy the articles you post, and the hymns with singing of the tunes. May God continue to bless you to stand for the truth.

6/30/2004 5:6:5 EST

Elder Franklin Oresta from Bluefield, WV, Email = franklinoresta@frontiernet.net Wrote:

Brother Claude I am thankful for your site and pray God will continue to bless you in your efforts to provide such needed information to His little ones. Franklin Oresta

6/30/2004 4:46:52 EST

Elder Albert Wilson from Valley, Alabama, America, Email = wils121430@charter.net Wrote:

Elder McKee, I copied the web site address from an email Bro Clevenger set to you,or vice versa, and was happy to find it again.I commend you for all the efforts you put forth for the cause of thee Old Line Primitive Baptist. Blessings to you. Bro Albert

6/20/2004 7:25:11 EST

milt burton from burnsville, ms, usa, Email = milt@crossroadsisp.com Wrote:

please help me to correct our church. our church deacons believe that only deacons should promote church members that qualify to the position of deacons. should the deacon not be chosen, providing he qualifies, from within the church membership, by the members of the church?

6/7/2004 12:34:41 EST

Harry Alderdice from Lewisburg, TN , The Good Old USA, Wrote:

I appreciate your web site as you have really good articles and sermons.

2/26/2004 22:25:53 EST

Elder Kenneth Clevenger from Carl Junction, MO, USA, Email = opcontdr@4state.com Wrote:

Dear Elder McKee, I enjoy your webb site and visit it often. I reap abundantly from the good articles and use some of them in THE OLD PATH CONTENDER from time to time. Our readers frequenly tell us that they enjoy your fine articles. May God continue to bless you in your ministry. Elder Kenneth Clevenger

10/8/2003 4:47:5 EST

Bill Neill from Hamilton, Scotland, Email = BillNScot@aol.com Wrote:

without scripture to back us we are lost. we need the whole of the bible from Genesis to Revelation and not just selections from it as suits our whims. 2Tim 3:16. ALL Scripture is God breathed ...............

8/6/2003 11:58:6 EST

Elder Tim Witten from Riner, VA, USA, Email = tawitten@hotmail.com Wrote:

Just read information about Camp Moriah from Glenn Latimer. Great Information! Thanks, TW

8/6/2003 4:44:38 EST

Elder Albert Wilson from Valley, Alabama, USA, Email = thewilsons_2@charter.net Wrote:

Brother Claude, I enjoyed reading the article that led me to find this website.May God continue His blessings on you.

7/4/2003 19:4:48 EST

Elder Robert Webb from Carthage, Illinois, USA, Email = bwebb9@juno.com Wrote:

I appreciate very much your timely and well-written articles, substantiated by facts and scripture. We thank the Lord for men like you. May He bless you with grace to continue for many years.

6/30/2003 14:27:39 EST

Harry Alderdice from Lewisburg, Tennessee, Email = h_alderdice@hotmail.com Wrote:

I have really enjoyed the articles on this site. This is really a nice web site.

5/23/2003 15:21:54

JAMES BALL from ABINGDON, VA, WASHINGTON, Email = james292003 @ HOTMAIL.COM Wrote:

asking about my father elder teddy ball he was moderator of mates association for 33 year. he has been dead for 11 years let me know if you do. thank so much .

2/23/2003 8:57:45

Timmy Smith from Cynthiana, Kentucky, USA, Email = hillbilly1979@yahoo.com Wrote:

Brother Mckee our dear Lord has blessed you to provide a wonderful website pertaining to the Old Line Primitive Baptist church and her beliefs! I pray that he will see fit to continue to bless you on this endeavor! If in any way we could be of assistance please feel free to holler at us anytime! May God bless you is our prayer!


Michael Meek from Rock Springs Church, ga, USA, Email = auburn4814@yahoo.com Wrote:

Glad to see you finished it from the prototype you showed me a while back.

Murray T. Ingram from Sylacauga, Al, USA, Email = Min2980240@aol.com Wrote:

Just logged on to your site, and have enjoyed very much. We at Swamp Creek Church have enjoyed you and your wife's visits with us, and hope you will continue to bring us good news from a far country as in the past. Great site

Elder Brian Moore from cedar bluff, va, usa, Email = buc64@hotmail.com Wrote:

Bro. McKee, this is a great site, I hope to take more time scanning it in the future. Would be greatful if you would allow me to link it to my website keep up the good work, Yours in precious hope, Elder Brian Moore

Wade Salter from Evergreen, Al, USA, Email = wjsalter@bellsouth.net Wrote:

Brother McKee, a good site. My prayers are with you as you stand for the truth. May God be with you and yours. You are welcome to visit us at Gravel Hill on 2nd Sunday of each month. Your brother in Hope Wade Salter

Kenneth Watts from Albertville, Alabama, USA, Email = kwatts42@bellsouth.net Wrote:

Glad to see this, will explore and read later. Yours in Christ, Kenneth Watts

J.D. Morris Jr from Prattville, Ala, America, Email = themorrisfamily@knology.net Wrote:

Bro Mckee this is a really good site and my prayers are with you as endeaver to stand for the truth- May God richly bless you and your's and we at Swamp Creek church welcome you anytime--again we pray for all old line PB's that the Lord would bless them as well to continue on in this fight for the truth and the Lord's righteousness--blessings to all-Eld J.D. Morris Jr

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