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 3/12/2004 20:34:46

 Submitted by Timmy Smith from Kentucky, :

On Saturday May 1st Ray's Fork Primitive Baptist Church of Corinth, KY plans to ordain Brother Larry Wilhoitt(sp?) to the office of deacon. Preaching services will be held that morning beginning at 10:30am. They will then break for a lunch. After lunch they will proceed with the ordination. Several visiting Elders are to be there with them Lord willing. Information provided by Brother Timmy Smith via the PBLibrary forum
 3/12/2004 20:40:59

 Submitted by Elder Claude Mckee from Oxford, Alabama, USA, Email =

Swamp Creek Church located near Rockford, Alabama has changed their meeting times to the first Saturday and Sunday of each month. They did meet on the third weekends. Pastor: Elder J. D. Morris Deacon E. W. Bush
3/12/2004 22:37:59

Submitted by Elder Claude Mckee from Oxford, Alabama, USA, Email =

The Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church near Jacksonville, Alabama will have their communion meeting on the 2nd Sunday of April. Elder J.D. Morris and Elder Charles Westbrooks plan to be with us Lord willing.
We invite all orderly Old Line Primitive baptists to participate in this service. An invitation is always open for all Peace loving followers of Christ to visit us at Mt. Moriah.
3/13/2004 10:37:16

Submitted by Elder Claude Mckee from Oxford, Alabama, USA, Email =

Just received word that brother Burney Fordham will be ordained as a deacon on Saturday the 3rd of April 2004. Burney is a member at the Red Hill Primitive Baptist Church,Bulloch county Georgia.
3/17/2004 16:25:9

Submitted by Elder Claude Mckee from Oxford, USA, Email =

The Second Creek Associational Union meeting will be held Friday Saturday and Sunday the first weekend in April, 2004 at Good Hope Church.
3/18/2004 10:19:29

Submitted by Elder Claude Mckee from Oxford, Alabama, USA, Email =

Brother James Tolbert of Big Creek Church, Alpharetta Georgia is home from the hospital under hospice care. This information was posted on the PBlibrary 3/17/2004 requesting your prayers
3/18/2004 18:35:19:EST

Submitted by Elder Claude Mckee from Oxford, Alabama, USA, :

Posted to the pblibrary Dear Family & Friends, I would like to ask you all to please remember my dear wife Tammie and her family in your prayers. On Monday we received a call saying that here papaw had passed away. He was near 91 or 92 years old. It is really hard on Tammie because this was her last grandparent living. We do know that papaw Jim is much better off now for he will no longer suffer from the effects of the recent stroke he had. He will suffer no more of this ole worlds pain and strifes! Praise God for that! We just beg and interest in your prayers for the family! With Love & May God Bless You All, Bro. Timmy Smith Cynthiana, KY
3/30/2004 13:47:49:EST

Submitted by Elder Claude Mckee from Oxford, Alabama, USA, Email =

Just posted to the PBlibrary forum: Brother James Tolbert is doing better and was able to go to church this past Sunday.
5/18/2004 8:52:13:EST

Submitted by Elder Claude Mckee from Oxford, Alabama, USA, :

It was learned through a routine checkup that our new Grandbaby girl has a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. This condition usually restricts blood flood and is normally accompanied with a small hole in the heart. We ask for your prayers for the child and her mother.
6/20/2004 22:7:48:EST

Submitted by Elder Claude McKee from Oxford, Alabama, USA, :

It was posted today on the pblibrary forum that "Elder Cecil Woodruff has been diagnosed with what was described as an advanced case of prostate cancer." This is sad news indeed and our prayers go out to him and his family and friends. Elder Woodruff is a good soldier of the cross and even during the adversity of the last several years among the Primitive Baptist, he remains at his post contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.
7/14/2004 20:45:17:EST

Submitted by Elder Steve Greene from Middlesboro, ky, Email =

The Original Powell's Valley Association will convene on Friday,August 13th at 10:00 am and continue through Sunday.It will be held at the association building on Laurel Hill,just east of Pineville,KY.We welcome all orderly primitive baptist's to come and worship with us.
9/11/2004 14:26:49:EST

Submitted by Claude Mckee from Oxford, Alabama, USA, Email =

Posted to the PBlibrary Forum by Elder Robert Webb 50-Year Milestone for Elder Arlie Larimer On the second Sunday in June 2004, the Original Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church acknowledged that Elder Arlie Larimer had been preaching the good news of the gospel for 50 years. He made his first attempt to preach on the second Saturday in June 1954, and was fully ordained to the ministry the 5th weekend of May 1955. According to his records, he has missed only 24 Sundays in that period, some while recuperating from three major operations. He has traveled over a million miles to tell the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and has not had a major automobile accident. God has truly blessed him and his dear companion, Sister Mary. Elder Larimer has been a member of the Lord's Church for 62 years and Sister Mary for 56 years. His pastoral care has been to four different churches. He has been the pastor at Mt. Zion and Old Bethel churches in Graves County, Kentucky, Lone Oak church in Calloway County, and the Original Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church in Marshall County. He continues to preach at 86 years old. The church is so thankful to have had him as their pastor for many years.
3/31/2005 17:37:44:EST

Submitted by Elder Claude McKee from Oxmore, USA, Email =

We were sadden to hear of the death of Elder Franklin Oresta this morning. We pray that the Lord will comfort the family and all who morns his passing. 3/31/2005
4/10/2005 18:31:6:EST

Submitted by steve greene from m'boro, ky., usa, Email =

the original powell's valley association annual meeting 5th weekend may at association bldg. in kentucky start 10:00am on saturday morning
4/11/2005 18:0:34:EST

Submitted by Elder Carl Arnold from Gore, Oklahoma, USA, Email =

Announcing the annual meeting of the Gore Old Line Primitive Baptist Church the 4th weekend in April. Starting April 23rd at about 10:00am on Saturday morning with worship service. Lunch will follow the morning service. Communion will be Saturday afternoon at about 2:00pm. Supper will be at around 5:30pm with evening services folling at about 6:30pm. Sunday morning services will begin at about 10:00am with lunch afterwards. Please come if you can and if you can't come and be with us, pray that God will attend this meeting with his holy Spirit.
5/2/2005 12:37:11:EST

Submitted by Elder Carl Arnold from Gore, Oklahoma, USA, Email =

The Lord willing, the First Old Line Primitive Baptist Association of Oklahoma will convene on July 9th, 2005 at 10:00am at the Gore Primitive Baptist Church, 106 E. 3rd street Gore, OK. There will be an evening worship service on Thursday, the 8th, beginning with singing at 6:30pm. Before the service we will have supper at about 5:00pm. This meeting will consist of 3 services on Friday and Saturday and conclude with Sunday morning services. Breakfast, dinner, and supper will be served on Friday and Saturday. Breakfast and dinner will be served on Sunday. Please make plans to attend and come praying that our Lord will attend us with His Spirit. If unable to attend please pray for us as we try to serve the Lord. Our homes will be opened to all who come. Should anyone have a desire for other arrangements please let us know and we will take care of you lodging needs. There is a motel in out town call Sweet 16. The phone number is 918-489-2061. If you have any questions or need other information call, Elder Carl Arnold at 918-489-2530; Brother Jim Nation at 918-489-5810; or Brother Fred Allenbaugh at 918-489-5855.
6/7/2005 21:48:32:EST

Submitted by Elder Kenneth W. Clevenger from Carl Junction, Missouri, USA, Email =

July 22-24: Brush Creek Church, Goldsberry, Missouri, will host a 3 day Old Line Visitation Meeting over the 4th weekend in July 2005. The meeting will begin Friday morning July 22 at 10: 30 and continue through Sunday noon. Please mark your calenders now and plan to be with us for all or any part of the meeting you can attend.
6/13/2005 4:54:38:EST

Submitted by Bro. Timmy Smith from Cynthiana, Kentucky, USA, Email =

The 153rd Annual Session of the Original Mates Creek District Regular Primitive Baptist Association will convene with the Peter Creek Primitive Baptist Church on September 2, 3, 4, 2005. All morning meeting times begin at 10:00 AM EST. Evening meeting times will be announced after services Friday and Saturday. We would like to welcome all OLD LINE brethren to come and be with us!
 2/14/2006 22:20:36:EST

 Submitted by Kenneth W. Clevenger from Carl Junction, MO, Email =

Brush Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Goldsberry, Missouri, will hold their annual Old Line Visitation Meeting beginning Friday morning befor the fourth Sunday of July. There will be 3 services Friday and Saturday and will conclude after Sunday morning service. We invite all Old Liners to join with us for this meeting. For more information email us or call 417-649-4781
 3/31/2006 19:44:46:EST

 Submitted by elder steve greene from middlesboro, ky, bell, Email =

The union meeting of the Original Powells Valley Primitive Baptist Association will be held at the Oak Ridge Church beginning Saturday April 29th at 10:00 AM and continuing through Sunday THE 30th We invite you to come and be with us in this meeting.
 7/11/2006 5:58:35:EST

 Submitted by Eric Watts from Birmingham, AL, USA, Email =

Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church, West Blocton, AL, will host the annual meeting of the Little Hope Association beginning Friday morning before the fourth Sunday in August. We would love to have all who can come visit with us. For more information, e-mail me at
 12/26/2007 11:54:4:EST

 Submitted by Elder Kirby from Asheboro, NC, USA, Email =

Julian Hill Primitive Baptist Church is having a 5th Sunday Meeting in March 2008..The meeting house is located 12 south of Greensboro NC on Hwy 421 south toward Sanford NC..Call 336-625-9185 for directions..Only True OLD LINE Primitive Baptist welcome...Elder Kirby
 3/27/2008 12:19:55:EST

 Submitted by James A Mitchell from Christiana, Tn, usa, Email =

add to email list thank you
 5/22/2008 10:3:53:EST

 Submitted by Elder Richard Kirby from Asheboro, NC, USA, Email =

Julian Hill PB Church will hold its annual meeting and communion on June 1st or the first sunday in June.Meeting will begin at 10 am after preaching services we will go into our communion service, after feet washing services we will have lunch..We are located 12 miles south of Greensboro NC on 421 to Hwy 62 junction, take left off of ramp, meetinghouse is quarter mile on left..Coming from South take 421 north to 62, take right off of ramp take left meetinghouse on left.
 1/16/2009 19:10:57:EST

 Submitted by Kenneth Clevenger from Macon, MO, Email =

July 24 26, 2009: Brush Creek Church, Goldsberry, MO, Annual Visitation Meeting. Meeting begins Friday morning at 10: 00 and continues thhrough Sunday morning July 26th. For more information Elder Kenneth W. Clevenger, pastor (660) 395-9756 - Cell (417) 825-5272.
 2/4/2009 16:51:53:EST

 Submitted by Elder Frank Thomas from Modesto, Ca, USA, Email =

Little Flock PB church invites all Old Line PB's and others who love the old precious truths of Salvation by Grace. We meet every Sunday except 5th Sundays at 4631 Magnolia St. Salida, Ca. just north of Modesto. Singing starts at 10:30 am. We are hardshell, anti missionary, anti means, pro gospel foot washing Baptists. I endorse the Pitts resolution.
 10/26/2012 14:18:50:EST

 Submitted by Roger Price from Stanford, Ky, US, Email =

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 3/2/2013 18:53:8:EST

 Submitted by Claude McKee from Jacksonville, Alabama, USA, Email =

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