Essential Baptist Principles
As taught in the Holy Scriptures

Little thoughts, item of interest, Experiences and General miscellaneous index'

03/01/2004 Little thoughts Is the punishment of the wicked eternal or everlasting?
04/01/2004 Little Thoughts Our church home
05/01/2004 Little Thoughts Big meetings
06/01/2004 Little Thoughts Sound advice for all, especially the Novice
07/01/2004 Little ThoughtsSecret of pastoring a Church
08/01/2004 Little Thoughts Church Sovereignty
01/01/2006 Little Thoughts Guilt by Association
 09/01/2004 Item of interest The Acknowledgement of God in our State Constitutions
 09/01/2004 Experiences In support of the article, 'But ye believe not', a Sister  shares her experiences in coming to the knowledge of the truth as it is in Christ Jesus.  
 10/01/2004 Item of interest  Statement of appreciation for Elder Arlie Larimer's fifty years service as a gospel minister.
 11/01/2004 Item of interest The Acknowledgement of God in our State Constitutions
 12/01/2004 Item of interest  A federal Judge denying the public acknowledgement of God is an alarming trend and should awake us to the grave situation we face in this nation. Read or listen to the actual testimony in the Judge Roy Moore case.
 12/01/2004  Acknowledgement of God -  Did you know?
01/01/2005 Little Thoughts The Church Christ set up was perfect in it's design and requires us to keep it that way.
03/01/2005 Acknowledgement of God - Presidential Quotes?
04/01/2005 Acknowledgement of God - Daniel Chapter six
05/01/2005 Acknowledgement of God - I Plead the first   Written by Senior High School student Carla Mae Webb
06/01/2005 Acknowledgement of God - Daniel Chapter Three
07/01/2005 Acknowledgement of God - Esther Chapter3
09/01/2005 Acknowledgement of God - Acts chapter 26
02/01/2006 A little Leaven By Elder Albert Wilson
03/01/2006 A sermon in one line by Elder Robert Webb