Essential Baptist Principles
As taught in the Holy Scriptures

A chronological list of 'Selected Articles' appearing on the Essential Baptist Principles website

07/01/2003 Prepared Sermons  by Elder Brian Moore appearing on the Old Line Messenger Web Site
07/01/2003 A departure in faith and practice  Article by Elder Claude Mckee concerning bible study groups
08/17/2003 Change   Article by Elder Brian Moore taken from the Old Line Messenger Web Site
08/18/2003 Another Jesus From the nugget series (nugget 201) written by Elder Ralph Harris
09/13/2003 An evident truth  Needs met in the field of labor if God sends one. Elder Ralph Harris
09/01/2003 A time to Stand   Elder Brian Moore appearing on the Old Line Messenger Web Site
11/01/2003 A necessary stand   A bold and necessary stand against the present day digressive (liberal) movement among the Primitive Baptists. This editor supports the sentiments contained in Elder Kenneth Clevenger's reply to an Elder in the Midwest. - Editor Elder Claude McKee
12/01/2003 Highly esteemed among men From the nugget series ( 63) by Elder Ralph Harris
12/01/2003 Will of God  From the nugget series (96)  by Elder Ralph Harris
01/01/2004 Holy Brethren  The Old Church is made up of God called. by Elder   Marty Hoogasian
01/01/2004 Bits and pieces 113  Content with old way.  By Elder Ariel West (Bits and Pieces #113 by Elder Ralph Harris)
02/01/2004 Too hard for God   Nugget #221 by Elder Ralph Harris
02/01/2004 Obedient Children  We should all rejoice when we see children of God walking in truth and love. By Elder Marty Hoogasian
02/01/2004 Warren letter  Letter from Baptist minister Isaac Backus to the Warren Association
03/01/2004 Knit together  When one hears the good news of the gospel of their salvation and delights in it there are those with whom they might have their souls knit together in the Kingdom of His dear Son. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
03/01/2004 No place  to quit If the Lord has called us to a task, let us do it with our might, even if we seem to be making little progress From the bits and pieces series (#260) By Elder Ralph Harris 
03/01/2004 Eternal life a promise   God would not have promised eternal life without having particular persons in mind to whom He was directing that promise.  From the nugget series (227) By Elder Ralph Harris
04/01/2004 Lively Stones    'It is our Lordís will to build His Church. It is a spiritual house comprised of lively stones, built up'.  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
04/01/2004 Cast down   God's people need to remember that ultimate victory over all imaginable foes is theirs, and the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.  by Elder Ralph Harris
04/01/2004  Jesus' Walk    The "religious world" will not embrace the truth that Christ died to save his people, the elect from their sins.  By Elder Marty Hoogasian
04/01/2004 Proof of Discipleship It is only as we devote our hearts and lives to acts of kindness and love to our brethren that we can be distinguished as true disciples.  by Elder Ralph Harris
05/01/2004 Jesus Death   The  world commemorates his birth ,more than his death  by Elder Ralph Harris
05/01/2004 Bars of Fellowship   As touching resolutions of non-fellowship I observe two extremes. One is to make a test of fellowship out of almost everything. The other is to make a test of fellowship out of almost nothing.  by Elder Ralph Harris
05/01/2004  Smooth Things   Do we seek to please men? If we yet please men, then we are not the servants of Christ By Elder Marty Hoogasian
05/01/2004 Faith is not a reward Without faith both Godís Consolation and Hope is unperceivable to the evil generation. By Elder Marty Hoogasian
06/01/2004 Peach Tree Tea    'I have yet to know for sure just why she (mama) called it "Peach tree tea". But that's what she called it and I must say it had a lasting effect.'.  by Elder Robert Harlan, (Deceased )
06/01/2004 Lord Knows them     The very foundation of God stands sure and it bears a seal.  And part of that seal is that the Lord knoweth them that are his .  From the Nugget series (238) by Elder Ralph Harris 
06/01/2004 Born Blind   It is possible for men to recall what they have been taught but it is impossible to generate faith to believe.  By Elder Marty Hoogasian
06/01/2004 Bible Studies There is a quantum leap between discussing scriptures with a church member before or after services or in oneís home, and having organized Bible Studies in the church. By Elder Marty Hoogasian
07/01/2004 Jesus Blessed Jesus   Writing the song 'Jesus Blessed Jesus'  by the author Elder Ralph Harris
07/01/2004 Gates of  Zion     Why was Moses not allowed to enter into that which God had promised and revealed unto him? by Elder Marty Hoogasian 
07/01/2004 Not of this world, the kingdom'   The true church is not a worldly organization.  How could it then have a worldly headquarters? By Elder Ralph Harris 
09/01/2004 Beware of  Leaven  By Elder Marty Hoogasian
08/01/2004 Catholic   This word literally means universal  By Elder Sylvester Hassell  1914
08/01/2004 Lollipop  Salvation It is sad that this type of religion is so appealing By Elder Brian Moore
08/01/2004 Sitting and Clothed    What a glorious truth is contained therein. by  Elder Marty Hoogasian
08/01/2004 Foreknow and Predestinate   How wonderful is the grace of God! by Elder Ralph Harris
08/01/2004 Love the Brotherhood  Liberty abused can do injury or evil. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
08/01/2004 Much People  Not all the inhabitants of Corinth were Godís people.  by Elder Ralph Harris 
09/01/2004 Hope -- A Precious Gift  Hope maketh not ashamed By Elder Ralph Harris
09/01/2004 Precious Stones   Jesus Christ the corner stone by Elder Marty Hoogasian 
09/01/2004 Peace in the Household of Faith  And a man's foes shall be they of his own household  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
10/01/2004 Cause of Division     Opposition to error was not the cause of division,Elder Syvester Hassell
10/01/2004 One of  Ourselves    I donít see Paul saying that this Cretian prophet ([Possibly] Epimenides) is one of us. He is called one of themselves, one of the Cretians. by  Elder Marty Hoogasian
10/01/2004 What is the Gospel by Elder Marty Hoogasian
10/01/2004 Grace leads to a Godly Life  Grace leads to a godly life and not a sinful one -- Elder William H. Crouse ( Zion's Advocate, 1903) From the bits and pieces series (#194) by Elder Ralph Harris 
11/01/2004 John 3:16 Believer is already in possession of everlasting life by  Elder T. S. Dalton
11/01/2004 Proud Boasting  A vain and proud attitude toward ones own appearance, or achievements, is a stench in the nostrils of God  By Elder Ralph Harris
11/01/2004 Firm foundation Our Lord that precious and sure foundation is laid in Zion so says Godís excellent word  By Elder Marty Hoogasian
11/01/2004 Dead Wood  The scriptures say that man who abideth not in the vine is cast forth as a branch. He will not leave on his own accord    By Elder Marty Hoogasian
12/01/2004 Feeding or is it entertaining The methods of popular religion deny the command to "feed my sheep" and it does so by concentrating on entertainment rather than feeding . by  Elder Brian Moore 
12/01/2004 Spirit quickeneth Gospel not necessary to regenerated dead alien sinners. by Elder Ralph Harris
12/01/2004 Knoweth God  It is given unto some to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to others it is not given    By Elder Ralph Harris
12/01/2004 Time's swift Passage You who are young will be amazed at how soon you will find yourself among the older generation. by Elder Ralph Harris
12/01/2004 Israel of God  For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel    By Elder Marty Hoogasian
12/01/2004 Sent forth by Holy Ghost Some might think ministers are sent forth by the Church. This passage will not support that erroneous thinking    By Elder Marty Hoogasian
01/01/2005 Acknowledgement of God -  Did you know?
01/01/2005 Seeking Great things? The seeking of great things for ourselves is an example of self-exaltation, and the Scriptures tell us plainly that "whoever exalteth himself shall be abased". by  Elder Ralph Harris 
01/01/2005 Death is gain Joy to serving Christ Jesus, happy prospect to be with him. by Elder Ralph Harris
01/01/2005 God's Peculiar Treasure Though many are blessed with such a great deliverance those who are Godís peculiar treasure and a holy nation are but a Little Flock  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
02/01/2005 Gospel labour  There must by necessity be a way to labor in the gospel without taking the stand and preaching among those that have been clearly marked as disorderly.    By Elder Marty Hoogasian
02/01/2005 Reverend  The only name we read of in the Scriptures that is "holy and reverend" is the Lord's (Psalm 111:9). by  Elder Ralph Harris 
02/01/2005 Pray for God's servants The minister cannot preach acceptably, nor can the people hear aright without divine help. by Elder Ralph Harris
02/01/2005 World and Election If election is far from them, then so is grace. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
02/01/2005 Forgotten God  President Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation for a National Day of Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer.---April 30, 1863. From the bits and pieces series (#421) by Elder Ralph Harris
03/01/2005 Angry and sin not   A child of God can indeed be angered by sin. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
03/01/2005 Few  are right and many are wrong  There are still a few of us strange critters who are determined to stand for the truth no matter what the majority thinks of us. bits and pieces # 448  by  Elder Ralph Harris 
03/01/2005 Obedience to the truth  The gospel is much more than just an exposition of the wonderful decrees and counsels of God with no practical application.  by Elder Ralph Harris
03/01/2005 Where art thou? God who is all knowing has never needed to ask a question for the purpose of receiving an answer for something He didnít know. by Elder Chuck Campbell
03/01/2005 Winds and sea obey  All men ought to obey God but we know that all man will not obey God. 
by Elder Marty Hoogasian
04/01/2005 vision of all   Surely there must be great benefit from reading the vision of all, especially to those that are loved of the Lord by Elder Marty Hoogasian
04/01/2005 Where do they go?  The preaching of the gospel, even the Arminianís version of it, has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone's eternal destiny.    by  Elder Ralph Harris 
04/01/2005 Obey God rather than Man  When anyone requests, urges or demands that we do anything contrary to "thus saith the Lord," we are duty bound to obey God rather than man.  by Elder Ralph Harris
04/01/2005 On the Cross Some thoughts on the words of our Lord, as He hung on the cross. by Elder Chuck Campbell
04/01/2005 Manifestly approved  Some advocate the heresy that God predestinated many [or all] things
by Elder Marty Hoogasian
05/01/2005 Wise in this world    Fishermen and tax collectors were among the vocations of those whom our Lord called to be apostles in the primitive church by Elder Marty Hoogasian
05/01/2005 Special People?  Hence, if the Lord has singled us out His, for special favors, we may also expect that the world will single us out for its special contempt.  by  Elder Ralph Harris 
05/01/2005 Acknowledge Him  Proverbs 3:6, The clear implication is that if we do not acknowledge Him in all our ways, then we cannot expect Him to direct our paths.  by Elder Ralph Harris
05/01/2005 Exhortation to stay in Old Paths Some have even gotten ashamed of the old doctrine of grace and have assayed to lift us up out of the old ruts, and put us on a high plane of prosperity. by Elder T. S. Dalton (Bit and Pieces #453 by Ralph Harris)
05/01/2005 Chosen in Him He neither lived for the multitudes nor did He die for the multitudes but He died for those chosen in Him before the world began.  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
06/01/2005 Separate thyself    'let there be no strife for we are brethren. Is not the whole land before thee? SEPARATE thyself I pray thee from me' by Elder Marty Hoogasian
06/01/2005 Weak but Strong?  The only times we are truly strong is when we are totally relying upon the Lord and are fully conscious of our own weakness.  by  Elder Ralph Harris 
06/01/2005 Glorious purpose of Preaching  There is a glorious purpose in preaching, but that purpose is not the eternal salvation of souls. R. H. Pittman bit and pieces #463 by Elder Ralph Harris
06/01/2005 Daily work The hardships and tribulations a child of God goes through are not designed to break him.  They are designed to give him a foundation of experience and learning. by Elder Carl Arnold
06/01/2005 Mount Rushmore  I conclude that to some of God's people coming to the Church, the Kingdom of God, the stone cut out of the mountain without hands, is muck like Mt. Rushmore to me.  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
06/01/2005 Marvel Not    The Arminians would have this Scripture read: 'everyone that decides to be born of the Spirit can be like the wind and blow wherever he will' by Elder Marty Hoogasian
07/01/2005 Love shed abroad in our hearts  The love of God is not in a manís heart until the Lord puts it there.  And if a person does not have it, he does not want it, for he knows nothing about it .  by  Elder Ralph Harris 
07/01/2005 Only one Mediator  Mourners' Benches were invented by modern Arminians at the close of the 18th century.  They were unknown before that time. Elder S. Hassell (bits and pieces #469)  by Elder Ralph Harris
07/01/2005 Independence Day  Early Baptists of Alabama believed church services was a good way to celebrate the 4th of July by Elder Claude McKee
07/01/2005 Profitable  Today many are learning to profit without working at all. This fosters ingrates and unprofitable servants of the state.  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
07/01/2005 Feeding sheep   The poor little child of God is happy with the crumbs that fall from the Masterís table. He realizes that it is by grace that he receives even his daily necessities. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
08/01/2005 God showeth Mercy Only those loved by God have an interest in mercy  by Elder Ralph Harris
08/01/2005 Never save anyone   Worldly system will never save anyone Elder John R. Daily (Bit and pieces #474 by Elder Ralph Harris)
08/01/2005 Tread Winepress alone  The hardships/tribulations give a foundation  by Elder Carl Arnold
08/01/2005 Gentle Savior     Scripture doesnít contain the word gentleman but if anyone fits that description, it is our Lord.  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
08/01/2005 Ministered to the Lord   If He is your Lord and if you have seen one of the least of these brethren, and have in some merciful way been a blessing to them, then you have ministered to the Lord. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
09/01/2005 Absurdity Those who are in the love and service of sin could not rest from the burden of their sins, because they are not burdened with them. Elder J. R. Daily bits and pieces #506  by Elder Ralph Harris
09/01/2005 Know before speaking It is important that we not take a dogmatic stand on any Bible subject or make any positive pronouncements with regard to it until we know all that is taught about it in the Scriptures by Elder Ralph Harris
09/01/2005 Able to deliver There are still men and women today, and I hope I am among them, who have the same confidence in the Lord as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. by Elder Ralph Harris
09/01/2005 Walking in the light   The darkness that natural man abides in is indeed a powerful darkness  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
09/01/2005 Full of sap   The trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord are not always readily apparent to our observation by Elder Marty Hoogasian
10/01/2005 Things we believe We all believe that we should stand aloof from the world with all of its institutions, religious or secret oath-bound orders. Elder Lee Hanks, bits and pieces #510  by Elder Ralph Harris
10/01/2005 Heareth and believeth The hearing and believing of this verse are evidences of divine life, not the causes of divine life. by Elder Ralph Harris
10/01/2005 Christ our example Everything Christ did was done honorably and with great dignity. by Elder Ralph Harris
10/01/2005 Pure religion  The scripture doesnít say that pure religion is to simply spend time amongst those that have suffered loss. God said visit them in their affliction.  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
10/01/2005 Father seeketh such   It is by the grace of God that anyone has a home in the Lordís Church. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
11/01/2005 Comforting words for sinners You are not to rest in yourselves, but in your blessed Lord Elder J. R. Daily, bits and pieces #511  by Elder Ralph Harris
11/01/2005 Duration of God's Love One of the ways in which the greatness of God's love for His people may be seen is in its duration. It is an "everlasting love" by Elder Ralph Harris
11/01/2005 Before Abraham was I AM to Godís humble followers the deity of Christ is a precious truth.  by Elder Ralph Harris
11/01/2005 Fishing I go  They said unto him, we also go with thee by Elder Marty Hoogasian
11/01/2005 Confusion of faces  He causes His face to shine upon us not because we have set our face to seek Him; but rather in order that we could set our face to seek Him.. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
12/01/2005 Calling It applies only to Godís elect. No man can make it apply to anyone else without willfully wresting the Scriptures.  by Elder Ralph Harris from the nugget series (#280)
12/01/2005 Praying submissively May He ever help us, both in our prayers and in every other aspect of our lives, to be humbly submissive to His inerrant will Elder Ralph Harris
12/01/2005 Believeth hath eternal life  The fact of a person believing is an evidence of his eternal life, not the cause.  by Elder Brian Moore
12/01/2005 All Scripture is given  If one wants instruction in righteousness, if one wants to see what is acceptable with God one should confirm everything with the Scriptures. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
12/01/2005 Preach the Word  If there is any preaching, it is of the Lord. by Elder Marty Hoogasian
01/01/2006 Friend of sinners He is still choosing the "weak and base things of the world and things which are despised." This has always confused, confounded and enraged "the mighty" of earth, and it always will. by Elder Ralph Harris  
01/01/2006 Faithful and beloved brother A great deal can be said for the man who truly is a "faithful and beloved brother."   by Elder Ralph Harris
01/01/2006 He shall deliver up Today, as yesterday there are some that find it incredible that the King has His Kingdom on earth. They preach of the "millennial kingdom" which God shall bring down from heaven. That is far from the Scriptural Kingdom, according to Scriptures.  by Elder Marty Hoogasian
01/01/2006 Continuing city Our Lord promised that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church.   By Elder Marty Hoogasian
02/01/2006 Author known and loved by Elder Ralph Harris
02/01/2006 Lowest Seat The lowest seat is the safest place in the house of God .  by Elder James J.  Gilbert.  From the bits and pieces series(#472) by  Elder Ralph Harris
02/01/2006 Question about cremation I have never personally known of a devout Primitive Baptist being cremated, and I think I can say with reasonable certainty that, as a body, they are very much opposed to it..  by Elder Ralph Harris
02/01/2006 Rich indeed All the money in the world couldnít buy the good news of Jesus Christ that the poor lame man received that day By Elder Marty Hoogasian
02/01/2006 Blind eye witness Consider the record of Malchus in John 18 the 26th verse. By Elder Marty Hoogasian
03/01/2006 Why grumble There are some who say, "It is hard (unjust) for God to choose some and leave others." by  Elder Ralph Harris
03/01/2006 A system of Bondage Any religion, which maintains that souls are saved eternally on the basis of the efforts of men, is a system of bondage.  by  Elder Ralph Harris
03/01/2006 Flattering titles The word "reverend" appears only one time in the Bible and is only applied to God by Elder Ralph Harris
03/01/2006 Be not Faithless If a man could lose the faith that he was given as fruit of the Spirit, then he could likewise be able to lose Salvation By Elder Marty Hoogasian
03/01/2006 Blessed exception Thankfully, there is an exception, Jesus Christ our Lord. By Elder Marty Hoogasian
04/01/2006 Matthew 23:37 A curse is here pronounced upon them by Jesus for their rebellion. by  Elder J. R. Daily from the bits and pieces series (520) Elder Ralph Harris 
04/01/2006 Hope seen is not hope Among worldly religions hope is often looked upon with some scorn or even ridicule, and it is frequently argued that we must have something more than hope . by  Elder Ralph Harris
04/01/2006 John 6:37 All that the Father given me shall come to me ... posted to the PBlibrary  by Elder Albert Wilson
04/01/3006 New Creature Man despite all his witty inventions has fallen far from his position of goodness wherein God created him. By Elder Marty Hoogasian
04/01/2006 Gates of Nain Nain means beauty By Elder Marty Hoogasian
04/01/2006 A loving appeal to the Primitive Baptists by Elder John R. Daily
04/01/2006 Apostasy among the Primitive Baptists  A series of articles by Elder Claude McKee
05/01/2006 Apt to teach Poor judgment has often been used in ordaining men to the ministry. From the bits and pieces series (#521) Elder Ralph Harris
05/01/2006 The Heart No matter how much a man is deceived by his own heart, it never deceives God. From the bits and pieces (#518) series. by  Elder Ralph Harris
05/01/2006 All things It does not seem reasonable to me to say that good things work together with evil things, and that consequently everything we do and everything that happens to us during our lifetime, whether good or bad, turns out for our good. Elder Ralph Harris
05/01/2006 Freely Speak Today seminaries teach foreign languages to men believing that by so doing that Christ can be brought to every nation under heaven. The languages of man can be learned and spoken; but no teacher but God can teach a man to embrace the gospel. By Elder Marty Hoogasian
05/01/2006 Centuries of Resurrections Christ need not walk the sands of time to heal the sick and raise the dead. He is still as powerful today as he was yesterday and before there was a day. By Elder Marty Hoogasian
05/01/2006  Are there any who do good? Worldly teaching says that everyone has some good in them and that God loves everybody but the scriptures do not support that worldly claim. The following article is found on the Old Line Messenger web site edited by Elder Brian Moore.
06/01/2006 God's way of Salvation How can anyone believe that the Father laid the sins of every human being on Christ and required Him to suffer for them when He knew that untold millions of them would later be required to suffer the same penalty for the same sins in hell? Elder Ralph Harris
06/01/2006 Preservation of the Saints A case has never been more thoroughly and undeniably proven than that of the preservation and security of the saints From the bits and pieces series (#491). by  Elder Ralph Harris
06/01/2006 He heals the blind There were no doubt many sighted who saw the good works of the Lord and found no desire to follow him or call upon Him. These blind men who could have never seen one of our Lordís good works were still endowed with faith to call upon the Lord. By Elder Marty Hoogasian
07/01/2006 Children of Promise  Every new birth is but the fulfillment of a promise. Elder J H Oliphant/ bits and pieces #532 by Elder Ralph Harris
07/01/2006 A vital key I once heard an old preacher say, "In the Lordís kingdom the way down is up, and the way up is down. " by  Elder Ralph Harris
07/01/2006 Like unto Him The inward desires of the heart are given to those that delight in the Lord (Psalms 37:4). By Elder Marty Hoogasian
07/01/2006 Morning pondering Posted to OLPB forum 6/28/2006 Elder Carl Arnold
07/01/2006 Thinking out loud-1 Elder J. D. Morris Posted to the OLPB forum
08/01/2006 The purpose of the Gospel  The gospel is never instrumental in anyone's regeneration, but it is instrumental in enlightening and instructing in the truth those who have already been given divine life by the Spirit of God. by Elder Ralph Harris
08/01/2006 A stranger here When we consider these and a host of other evils and injustices in the world we are very forcefully reminded of just how much of a stranger we who try to serve the Lord are here in this worldly environment. by  Elder Ralph Harris
08/01/2006 Availing The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. But do all those that have been made righteous and given a hope in Christ avail themselves of the blessings of prayer?  By Elder Marty Hoogasian
08/01/2006 Do not forget Elder George R. Hunt
09/01/2006 Unsearchable  I often think of the unspeakable magnitude of His love, mercy and kindness to a wretch like me. by Elder Ralph Harris
09/01/2006 Faith True believers are blest above measure in that they are, by faith, as certain of God's existence and as assured of His divine attributes as if they had seen Him face to face. by  Elder Ralph Harris
09/01/2006 Irresistible The call from death unto life is a command of God. That command cannot be resisted  By Elder Marty Hoogasian
09/01/2006 Morning Pondering Posted to OLPB forum 8/22/2006 Elder Carl Arnold
10/01/2006 A good warfare  The primary part of a child of Godís warfare is internal, between the flesh and the Spirit. by Elder Ralph Harris
10/01/2006 Gifts of God There is a sense in which the preaching of the true gospel can perfect the saints, but it cannot create the saints. by  Elder Ralph Harris
10/01/2006 Love thy neighbour The law doesnít make a man compassionate, anymore than the law will make one love the Lord  By Elder Marty Hoogasian
10/01/2006 Morning Pondering Posted to OLPB forum 9/21/2006 Elder Carl Arnold
11/01/2006 Two types of people  Do you, dear one, sometimes question in your mind which side of the fence you are on; whether you are one of the Lord's little ones or if you are one of that other crowd? by Elder Ralph Harris
11/01/2006 All things common  Sylvester Hassell, From the bit and pieces series #480  by  Elder Ralph Harris
11/01/2006 Benefits of Affliction One becomes more fully sensible of his own frailty and entire dependence on the Lord By Elder John R. Daily
11/01/2006 Morning Pondering Posted to OLPB forum 10/25/2006 Elder Carl Arnold
11/01/2006 Believing the Bible Elder Marty Hoogasian
12/01/2006 Straying ones corrected  The shepherd loves the straying sheep as well as the others.  by  Elder Ralph Harris
12/01/2006 Election outcome What a blessing to believe that God predestinated the elect to heaven and immortal glory!  By Elder Marty Hoogasian
01/01/2007 Peace with God  Peace with God is a most priceless jewel  by  Elder Burton Rawls from the bits and pieces series #536 by Elder Ralph Harris
01/01/2007 Receiving the word A man receiving the word of a thing is absolutely passive in receiving the word, or news, of the thing.  By Elder C. H. Cayce
01/01/2007 God is Immutable  The apostle James tells us that with God there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. From the bits and pieces series #539 by Elder Ralph Harris
02/01/2007 Purpose of Gospel by Elder C. M. Mills
02/01/2007 Stipp John - an experience From the bits and pieces series (#542) by Elder Ralph Harris