Cannon Lilly


I saw the dawn this morning
Light chased darkness out of sight
The dew droplets covering
Dissipate in morning's light

I heard morning break the silence
The sound of birds rejoice in life
Sounds returning to day's presence
Quieted by the silent night

I felt morning dawn around me
I felt light and life revive
I beheld the day star rising
I saw day dawn again on life

How delicious tastes this morning
Sweet and fresh the wind that blows
Glorious light comes beaming
Chasing away darkness' woes

Years I spent in bonds of darkness
Perceiving neither dark nor night
Heeding not nor would I hearken
Thinking wrong as to be right

By grace I beheld my darkness
God's grace brought me to True Light
By grace I viewed sin's starkness
And heard Christ's call from death to life

Later I heard a weakling
Preach with power from on high
The wind blowing in that preaching
Comforted my soul's troubled sighs

How I felt God's tender mercies
Visiting my troubled soul
Obeying the inward leading
To walk in the way I had not known

To the water, death the picture
Answering good conscience call
God's grace the balm and elixir
Resting in Christ the all in all

Oh the flood of tender mercies
Dawns upon my soul today
Christ has like a gentle cool breeze
Come To carry me away.

 Elder Marty Hoogasian (6/8/2005)