Lord, help me through just one more day,
That may be all I'll need:
May I be guided by Thy word
And oft' upon it feed. 

Lord give me grace for this one day,
Tomorrow is unsure;
E're this day ends my soul may be
In heav'n with Thee secure.

Help me to live today, Dear Lord,
As though it were my last;
I know not what the future holds,
Nor can I change the past.

Let me not fret tomorrow, Lord,
That day may not arrive,
But for today I'll seek Thy face---
For better things I'll strive.

Today is all I'm promised, Lord,
Help me to use it well:
How many days may lie ahead
No mortal man can tell.

Help me to face life's troubles, Lord,
Just one day at a time:
I will not sojourn here for long,
I seek a higher clime.

If Thou should'st give another day
Its needs shall draw my prayer,
And at each turn I am assured
That Thou wilt meet me there.

 Lord, bless me now for this one day,
That may be all I'll need,
And if it proves to be my last
I'll then be blest indeed!

---Elder Ralph Harris, December 1995