(James 2:17)

Increase our faith was the Apostles' plea,
How much faith does man need?
A grain of faith as a mustard seed,
Can move a tree into the sea.

Lord help my unbelief, we oft' cry
If thou canst believe, all is thine.
Belief cannot precede faith
Faith moves mountains to yonder place.

Faith when implanted in the heart
Pleasing God then  has its start
Faith's candle lit designed for light
For God's children walking in night

Chart and compass to heed the call
Those idle use not faith at all.
Faith abiding only in ones head
Is unused faith and good as dead.

Exercising faith will truly yield
An unexhausted fertile field.
Faiths lamp unlit, sleeping instead
Blessed faith again is good as dead.

Faith in ones heart should move ones feet
Unbelief is mans retreat.
One ought not to leave faith alone
Dead faith works unbelief, where sin is sown.

Thin Line

Poem written by Elder Marty Hoogasian