The Cranberry Declaration
A Meeting Held at Cranberry Meeting House, Laurel Springs, North Carolina June 29, 2002

We the undersigned Brethren met at the Cranberry meetinghouse on the 29th day of June in the year 2002 for the purpose of discussing the following practices that have been introduced into the Old School Baptist Church by Elders in various sections of the Country (USA). Over the centuries the True Church of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has met with and withstood many erroneous doctrines and practices, introduced by designing men who seem to have little or no regard for the general welfare of the flock. To try to force these changes upon the Church shows no respect on the part of some, for the feelings of those who have the desire to hold fast to the faith once delivered to the Saints. If these changes are essential to the well being of the church then we ask the question, Why is the Church still here? It has existed for two thousand years without them. In this area some of the local bodies are more than two hundred years old. They have withstood all the trials and notions of man, because unwavering men have refused to yield to the worldly practices borrowed from Arminian orders. We feel these practices are unscriptural and warrant our ardent opposition to them and deem it necessary to declare them out of order and further state that we will not introduce them into our Churches and ask the Churches in this area to refrain from using those that practice these worldly innovations.

  1. Organized Bible Studies (Classes). Weekly Sunday Schools.
  2. Youth Camps. An unscriptural practice to entice youth into Church membership
  3. Mission programs. Organizations to raise money to send and support foreign missions.
  4. Preacher Schools. Used for the purpose of training ministers how and what to preach.
  5. Salaried Ministers. Making the ministry dependent on man rather than on God.
  6. Tithing. Not a New Testament Practice. Injecting filthy lucre into the ministry.
  7. Great Commission. Teaching that this was given to the Church rather than the Apostles.

We feel these practices are a departure from the Scriptures and have never been a part of the worship service in our area. It is our sincere desire to follow the scriptural paths of simple worship, that our forefathers trod in years past and gone. (Preaching, Praying and Singing).


Elder Schulz Pratt
Elder Randy Carter
Elder Garnell Gilbert
Elder Leonard Barton
Elder Larry Blevins
Elder Floyd South
Elder J. D. Cleek
Elder J. D. McNeill
Elder E. G. Lyle
Elder Eugene Blevins

Bro. Jimmy Counts
Bro. Kenneth Presnell
Bro. Lewis Evans
Bro. Blaine Dancy