Websites using the Name Primitive Baptist
The sites listed are not to be considered a complete listing. The explosion of the internet makes it difficult to accurately list them all.

After the 1830 Baptist split, the name Primitive Baptist was applied to the Baptists who by their doctrine and practice could rightly claim to be the true church. The ensuing years has brought many factions of people using the name who do not conform to either the doctrine or to the practice of true Primitive Baptists. Several Progressive movements, starting in 1900, have also thinned the number of true Primitive Baptists. Up until the 1990's the different Primitive Baptist groups were distinguished by a distinctive word attached to the name Primitive Baptists: Such as Progressive, Predestinarian or Absoluter, No-Heller's and in parts of the south the Black churches usually was referred to as PB churches. These distinctions were generally used and honored by most factions of Primitive Baptists but starting sometime in the 1990's the distinctions began to be done away with; resulting in many claiming to be Primitive Baptists or Old Line Primitive Baptist who clearly are not.

In my opinon, the Prmitive Baptist websites that I have observed on the internet,  are properly categorized as follows:

Original Baptists (Primitive):

These websites more closely adhere to the original Baptist principles. While all the churches associated with each website may not have full fellowship one with another, they by in large oppose the liberal/progressive movement and the false teachings and practices coming out of that movement. Those in this catagory do not accept Calvinism, Absolute Predestination of all things nor the no hell doctrine. There are very few church websites in this category which may be to their credit. The internet is better suited for liberal/progressive thinking people who want to attract the world's attention for which the  Internet is a helpful tool.

Hybrid Primitive Baptists:

I call these websites hybrid because they embrace or countenance both Progressive and Old Line Primitive Baptist principles. They are sometimes referred to as liberal Primitive Baptist. Most supported Elder Lasserre Bradley Jr. and Elder Gus Harter during their move away from sound Primitive Baptist doctrine and practices. Some fellowship directly with Progressive Primitive Baptists. While there has been some contention among them over Calvinism which creep in, I'm not aware of them clearly delineated themselves from it. The untempered mortar or hybrid mix results from their support of one or more of the following: Salaried ministry, tithing, youth camps and/or youth activities, bible study classes, men or women prayer meetings, worldly outreach ministries. Some church websites in this group do not openly advertise a bible study but do have a weekly night meeting. At one time that was a good indication that the church was experimenting with practices not normally sanctioned by the Primitive Baptists. An extra preaching service any night of the week has always been accepted by the Primitive Baptists but not one that promoted other activities. I contend that true Old Line Primitive Baptist ,as a rule, have never practiced the things mentioned above. For a church to introduce any of these progressive practices and still claim they are Old Line as they were before is just not true.

Progressive Primitive Baptists:
(Doing a quick review it appears that these sites are down playing progressive and emphasizing Primitive Baptist)

Absolute Predestinarian Primitive Baptists

These websites support the doctrine of absolute predestination of all things both good and evil. Until sometime in the 1990's the Remnant did not openly advertise their belief  in the absolute predestination of all things. By reading some of their articles it became evident that they did believe that doctrine but now they plainly state in their articles of faith that they support that doctrine.

National Primitive Baptist Convention:

National Primitive Baptist Convention More info via Wikipedia  (This covention of Primitive Baptists are predominantly black churches)

There are more black church websites that  publish their name as being a Primitive Baptist church but the one's I've looked at would lead me to believe that they are not truly Old Line.