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From time to time the Baptists have  put forth Resolutions in order to clarify their stand on certain issues confronting the church at any given time. In fact the early English Confessions of faith were deemed necessary in order to dispel unjust accusations cast upon them and to clarify what they actually believed and practiced. The  resolutions offered by the Baptists starting in  the early 1800's are in effect doing the same thing by refuting a particular false doctrine or practice which is being promoted to the detriment of the Church. In all of these resolutions starting in 1832, there is a common element to them. Each time it becomes necessary to issue a resolution it is because there are men who are trying to change the doctrines and practices held  by true Baptist Churches. It becomes necessary for faithful brethren to publicly take a stand in opposition to these changes being promoted and one way of doing that is to put forth a resolution stating where the church has always stood and where it intends to stay. It is the editors opinion that it has once again become necessary to publicly make a stand against the most recent onslaught against true biblical principles. The Pitts resolution(2000) and the Cranberry resolution(2002) have been issued and the principles for which they stand should garner our support.  Elder Claude McKee

Declaration of the reformed Baptist of North Carolina 1826

The Kehukee Declaration 1827

Black Rock Address (1832)

Nashville Peace meeting (1937)

Donaldson Peace meeting (1953)

Pitts Resolution(2000)

Cranberry Delcaration(2002)

Petitioning the Government (2004)

Church Declaration opposing the liberal/progressive movement (2005)